Good Corporate Governance Code
Sustainability Policy (Thai Version)
Anti-Corruption Handbook (Thai Version)
Human Rights Policy (Thai Version)
Data Protection Policy (Thai Version)
Management Policy in accordance with Climate Change (Thai Version)
Policy on Quality, Environment, Safety and Energy Management
Business Continuity Management Policy (Thai Version)
Risk Management Policy (Thai Version)
Anti Corruption Policy (Thai Version)
Sahacogen Supplier Code of Conduct (Thai Version)
Information Technology Security Policy (Thai Version)
Insider Information Management Policy (Thai Version)
Whistle Blowing Policy (Thai Version)
Tax Policy (Thai Version)


Charter of the Board of Directors (Thai Version)
Charter of Audit Committee (Thai Version)
Charter of Corporate Governance and Risk Management Committee (Thai Version)
Charter of Nomination and Remuneration Committee (Thai Version)
Charter of Sustainability Committee (Thai Version)
Charter of Executive Committee (Thai Version)
The Authorities and Responsibilities of the Chairman
The Authorities and Responsibilities of the Managing Director

Corporate Documents

Memorandum of Association (Thai Version)
Company Affidavit (Thai Version)
Articles of Association (Thai Version)

Personal Data Protection Policy

Privacy Notice for Employees, Board Members, and Senior Executives under the Employment Contract Had Provided Data
Privacy Notice for Vendor
Privacy Notice for Visitors, Individuals Requesting Access to the Building, Workplace, and Those Involved in Business Operations
Privacy Notice for Personal Information for Job Applicants, Persons Related to Job Applicants, or Other Persons Had Provided Data
Privacy Notice for Intern Applicants, Intern Students, and the Other Person that the Intern Applicants and Intern Students Had Provided Data
Privacy Notice on CCTV Use