Ratch Pathana Group and Affiliates

Ratch Pathana Group comprises Ratch Pathana Energy Public Company Limited, a small power business operator (Small Power Producer: SPP), producing and distributing electricity and steam. It is located in Sahapat Group Industrial Park-Sriracha. Chonburi Province was Established in 1996 and registered as a public company in 2002, abbreviated on the stock exchange as "SCG" regarding business expansion.

Established a subsidiary company that focuses on developing renewable energy businesses. Along with conducting business, taking into account participation in community and social development, consisting of 1. Sahacogen Green Company Limited operates a tiny biomass power plant (Very Small Power Producer: VSPP) in the Saha Group Industrial Park, Lamphun Province. 2. Saha Green Forest Company Limited is a joint venture with the Siam Cement Group paper business group. Operates a tiny biomass power plant (Very Small Power Producer: VSPP) located in Phran Kratai District. Kamphaeng Phet Province 3. Impact Solar Company Limited operates the business of producing and supplying solar energy systems on rooftops (Solar Rooftop). 4. Solarist Company Limited operates the business of producing electricity from solar energy.

Natural Gas

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Solar Power

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Since 1999, the first cogeneration combined cycle power plant was established in Saha Group Industrial Park, Sriracha, Chonburi province.

We will be a leading producer of small power and related businesses with the continuous and sustainable developments to the satisfaction of stakeholders.

Our Mission

To produce and distribute high quality and reliable energy to meet the requirements and satisfaction of customers
To enhance capability and potentiality by continually development
To earnestly respond to social, partners, and employees by management in compliance with the good governance
To operate with efficiently and awareness of safety, occupational health hazards and environment

Core Values

Positive Thinking
Message from Chairman

Dear Shareholders,

Due to the global economic slowdown, interest rates hike, as well as the issue of geopolitical conflicts affecting the energy market, the Board of Directors, executives, and employees have united efforts on enhancing the organization towards the sustainability along with establishing the foundation for change management to cope with the uncertainty. The Company conducts the business following the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles, emphasizing on environmental, social, and corporate governance aspects to foster sustainable growth and enhance the organization’s sustainable development in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a result, the Company has received SET ESG Ratings Assessment for the year 2023 at “A” level, 6 consecutive years of Thailand Sustainability Investment, and received the “Sustainable Disclosure Award 2023” from Thaipat Institute for 5 consecutive years.

Mr.Sujarit Patchimnan
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Company Milestones

20 November
  • Sahacogen (Chonburi) Company Limited was established with the registered capital of THB 12 million to conduct electricity generation and steam power business.
  • Sahacogen Commercially Operated date to Distribute (COD) electricity with the capacity 122 megawatts and 41 tons per hour of steam to EGAT and supplies electricity and steam to factories in the Saha Group Industrial Park-Sriracha
  • Sahacogen increased registered capital to THB 955 million and offered the newly ordinary shares, totally 135 million shares, to public to invest as the equity funding for Phase 2 expansion
  • Sahacogen traded its IPO shares on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, with the symbol of “SCG”
  • Sahacogen started COD to distribute the electricity from Phase 2 expansion project with electricity capacity of 43 megawatts and 20 tons per hour of steam.
  • Sahacogen established its subsidiary named Sahacogen Green Company Limited (“SGN”) to operate biomass power plant with the capacity of 9.6 megawatts of electricity and 25 tons per hour of stream located in Saha Group Industrial Park – Lamphun
  • Sahacogen established its subsidiary named Sahagreen Forest Company Limited (“SGF”) with a registered capital of THB 5 million, joint venture with Siam Forestry Co., Ltd. in a shareholding ratio of 75:25 – subsidiary of SCG Packaging PCL., to operate biomass power plant with the electricity capacity of 7.5 MW located in Kamphaengphet Province
  • Sahacogen started COD of Phase 3 power plant expansion. The additional capacity was 28.68 megawatts of electricity and 15 tons per hour of steam.
  • Sahacogen invested in Impact Solar Company Limited.- a private solar power producer and supplier of solar rooftop energy, with a shareholding of 21.00%
  • The Board of Directors’ Meeting approved the investment in SPP Replacement project with the capacity of 79.5 megawatts of electricity and 75 tons per hour of stream. The project scheduled COD in April 2024. (PPA, GSA and EPC contract were signed)
  • Sahacogen increased registered capital to THB 1,163.67 by selling 208.67 newly issued ordinary shares under a private placement (PP) to Ratch Group Public Company Limited (RATCH) RATCH became the new major shareholder with 51.67 % of total company’s paid-up share
  • TRIS Rating Co., Ltd. (TRIS Rating) assigned the company rating to the Company for the first time at “A” with “Stable”
  • the Company has issued and offered the Debentures No. 1/2022 which are Senior and Unsecured Debentures with Debenture holder’s Representative (“Debentures”) in total of 3 series with amount of THB 2,650 million. These Debentures are offered through the Private Placement to Institutional and High Net-worth Investors (PP-II&HNW).
  • Sahacogen setup a subsidiary company named Solarist Holding Co., Ltd. with registered capital of THB 1 million and increased capital to THB 2,610 million to invest in solar power business. The subsidiary later on setup new 8 subsidiary companies.