Ratch Pathana Group is committed to establishing a comprehensive biomass business. This involves cultivating rapidly growing trees for future energy needs, thereby ensuring a reliable supply of biomass fuel. Concurrently, the company is also engaged in the development of projects for energy production derived from biomass.


The project of planting fast-growing trees is an initiative aimed at creating a sustainable biomass source. Initiated in 2006, the Energy Fast-Growing Tree Development Center was established. The center focuses on selecting and breeding various species of seedlings that exhibit high growth rates and can regenerate and yield produce over multiple cutting cycles. This includes trees from the Eucalyptus group, Giant Acacia, Thepha Acacia, and local trees. Standards for sustainable forest management have been implemented by planting fast-growing trees in areas under the company’s jurisdiction. Collaborations with landowners and land leasing are undertaken to ensure a future reserve source of biomass.

Renewable Energy Business
Renewable energy from biomass reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Promoting the efficient use of energy and natural resources by purchasing local agricultural residues as fuel.
Conventional Energy Business
Delivering reliable and sustainable clean energy to improve the quality of life, society, and the environment.