The company promotes natural products derived from bamboo nodes and culms, which are grown by local villagers under the Pracharat project named'Bamboo Reforestation and Job Creation'. These products go through a modern-technology burning process to become high-quality products which are safe for health and environmentally-friendly.

Bio Charcoal

Sustainable Energy Returns to Society

Company has promoted valued innovation that beneficial to clients and steakholders including CSR project under concept “Sustainable Energy Returns to Society” This wisely concept utilizing the agricultural waste or biomass without outdoor burning that is one of the significant causes annually air pollution. Therefore, Ratch Pathana Group light up a concept to collect the bamboo parts which is waste from production process utilize with the bamboo forest in Civil Project to create “Bamboo Plantation for Career Opportunity” used to develop energy innovations Selling products “LAMBOOCHAR”

LAMBOOCHAR a charcoal product (Charcoal briquette)

is awarded THAILAND GREEN DESIGN AWARDS 2019 by Kasetsart Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Product Improvement Institute in category award Resource Efficiency. Charcoal briquette is for household use.

Bamboo Char Deodorizer

won the 1st prize in the prototype packaging contest for distribution in category of Consumer Package from Thai Star Packaging Awards 2019 and Asia Star Awards 2019.


is used as soil amendment to improve soil quality.

Lamboochar ®
“Bamboo Plantation for Career Opportunity” used to develop energy innovations Selling products “LAMBOOCHAR”
Renewable Energy Business
Renewable energy from biomass reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Promoting the efficient use of energy and natural resources by purchasing local agricultural residues as fuel.
Conventional Energy Business
Delivering reliable and sustainable clean energy to improve the quality of life, society, and the environment.