Conventional Energy Business

Empowering Sustainable Renewable Energy Solutions

Delivering reliable and sustainable clean energy to improve the quality of life, society, and the environment.
Renewable Energy Business

Empowering Greenhouse Gas Reduction through Biomass Renewable Energy

Renewable energy from biomass reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Promoting the efficient use of energy and natural resources by purchasing local agricultural residues as fuel.
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Empowering the Future with Energy Innovations

Expanding knowledge in energy and collaborating with educational institutions for research and developing new products in line with business development plans to create added value
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Ratch Pathana Group and Affiliates

Since 1999 , The first cogeneration combined cycle power plant was established in Saha Group Industrial Park, Sriracha, Chonburi province.

Total Installed Capacity of Power

Total Installed Capacity of Steam

Conventional Energy Business
Renewable Energy Business
Related Businesses
Sustainable Energy
Social Responsibility.
There are no disputes with partners
Million Baht
Ratch Pathana Group Employee compensation
The amount of waste and the amount of greenhouse gases that can be reduced from waste sorting for recycling
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